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The Eight Main Yogas  (Printer Version)

Introduction Raja Yoga Hatha Yoga
Not a Religion Third Eye Balance
Most People


Yoga Solution Mantra Yoga Kundalini Yoga
Are You Mainly? Background Kriya Yoga
Bhakti Yoga What Happens The Spiritual Path
& Its Stages
Twoness Ecstasy
Crisis or Inspiration
Karma Yoga Laya Yoga Restlessness/The Call
Meditation Centers The Path is Chosen
Instrinsic Values
Jnana Yoga Tantra Yoga Equilibrium
Neti-Neti Meditation Bhavas & Samadhis
Habits Sahaj
More Higher States

Amazing Techniques

Branch Side  Print Self-Discipline  Print Introspection  Print
Kalidas Legend Mean it Self Study
He Observed Not fanatic First Week
Transformation Challenge Vivid Recall
Amazing Technique Second Week
The Means Speech Third Week
Called Kriya More Speech Fourth Week
Other Forms Count on me Don't Like
Apply Them Edit Movie
Keep At It
Devotion  Print Stop & Start  Print Turning Points  Print
What is it? Doubt Your Deepest Needs
Putting Aside Escapists Deep-Seated Doubt
Spirit Sincere Doubt Inconstant Reality?
Technique Doubting Thomas Shared Perception
True Nature Keep Going Distrust
Delight Let Go of the Brake Break Out
Be More Conscious! This I Must Discover
Resolve Your Doubt Personal Declaration
Your Insight Exercise

Enter Into Higher Consciousness

Be a Friend  Print Exercises  Print

The Big Test  Print

The Golden Rule 1-Understanding Prejudice
A True Friend Each Key Person What To Do?
A Friend of All 2-Companions Critical Group
Stronger Than You Admire We and They
Failure Gangs 3-Your Mate Whose Faults?
Families, Too Fellow Traveler The Killer
Open Containers Reconciliation Subtle Friends
Profound Impact How To Do It Let Them Pass
Your Beloved
Say Continues
Thoughtful  Print Witness  Print Universal  Print
Good Will Cautions A Habit
Very Best Your Object Profound
Do You Have? Pleasing Object Expand
Steady Flow Form/Formless A Part of All
Appreciation Meditation Exaltation
Are You Ready? Direct Precious to You
The Portal
Don't Reflect
Beyond Thought
How Long?
Faith  Print Power of Faith  Print
You're Convinced Direct It
Momentum Dynamics of Faith
A Great Gift Like Electricity
Chosen Your Way The Faith Switch
Developing Faith Watch Faith Work
Don't Veer Off Ineffective Faith
Companions A Crazy Idea
Subtle Companions Remember...
Solitary Study And Leave It On
Avoid Fantasies
Don't Fall in a Trap
Instead of Fantasy

Personal Relationships with Spirit

Stages  Print Awe  Print Servant  Print
Something More The Experience of Awe Progression of Moods
Cosmic Consciousness Different Experiences Sustaining the Moods
Other Possibilities It Makes You Humble Moving Forward
A Personal Relationship A Higher Power The Next Great Event
Taste the Sugar It Waits Until... Beyond Awe
The Moods Awe Returns A Powerful Conclusion
Give Yourself a Chance The Higher Will
The Woodcutter Surrender
What He Did To Be of Service
You Get Pizazz
A Change of Motive
You Become
Friends  Print More Advanced  Print Highest Moods  Print
Dynamic Relationship All Things Are Possible Bliss Changes You
Interplay of Friendship Some Prefer Others The Divinized Body
A Happy Ally As a Son or Daughter A Few People
Your Immortal Friend A Loving Child Kama Radha
The Treasure Raises You Up A New You
As If Married Only for Him
Friends of God  Print A Blessed Tenderness Still Love Him?
Find Proof Spiritual Children Prema Radha
Ishta The Fiancé Joyous Lover
Condemnation Great Intensity I Love to Love You
God as Man What's It Like? Nitya Radha
Characteristics More Alive Deep Questions
Incarnations of God Live For Your Beloved They Look Within
Ways of Loving Exalted and Thrilling Pure Love Radiates
More Ways Eternal Love
Friend to Friend Nitya Lila
Playfulness Occurs Share in Emanation
Give and Take The Ever-New Dance
Completely Satisfying

Master and Initiate

Seeking a Master  Print Importance  Print Qualities  Print
Be Your Own Guru? An Instrument A Sat Guru
What Does Guru Mean? Guru in Modern World The Master's Role
Cosmic Consiousness Different Kinds Hopes to See
In Judaism Give Up the World? A Good Candidate
In Islam A Sacred Relationship
In Christianity Typical Seekers
Vincent & Father Berulle Few Genuinely Earnest
Dearest Brothers Different Backgrounds
Right Aspirations
The Relationship  Print How to Qualify  Print Initiation  Print
Frequent Dialogue The Qualifications Master Accepts You
Relationship of Love 1. Unconditional Love Indescribable Day
Invocation    Love - pg 2 Your Technique
Character Flaws 2. God Comes First Marvelous Infusion
Failed Relationship    God First - pg 2 Takes Your Karma
False Guru 3. Obedience Feeling Heavenly
Becoming Ready 4. Persistent Asking You Will Prevail
Deeply Consider 5. Readiness to Abide Weathering Storms
Doing Your Part 6. Help Enthusiastically Continual Awareness
Mutual Rights    Help - pg 2
Most Fortunate 7. Sexual Moderation
Master Will Appear    Moderation - pg 2
Eternal Friendship    Moderation - pg 3
8. Lead a Healthy Life
The Essentials

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