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Your Speech of Self-Discipline
"No more! will random events dominate or tyrannize my life! To my utmost I’m going to have the discipline to carry through with all my commitments. I will keep the appointments I make. The ideas which I have chosen to incorporate will actually be incorporated. When I say I’m going to rest, I will rest.

I’ve decided to be a more loving person so I’m going to give of myself. I’m going to pay more attention to my loved ones. When I commit myself financially, my word is good. When I make an error or fall short, I will face what I’ve done and do my level best to make amends.

Furthermore, I will do something extra just to underscore the intensity with which I seek to be in control of my life. As of this moment, in every circumstance, I will be a person who can be counted on. I will not let others down. I will not let myself down."

My speech of self-discipline continues...

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