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Be More Conscious!
  Let's say it even stronger. Some travel, or at least say they are traveling, while refusing to be more conscious. They have developed their doubt into an ongoing state of intentional ignorance. On the road toward higher consciousness you are free to disbelieve or doubt anything you choose but you must make an effort — if you want to succeed — to be more conscious.

While you might laugh or even be shocked that someone would be fool enough to try to go for a long journey while pressing one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake, many attempt this absurdity. You will likely meet a number of these people who, by force of habit, fear, or a sense of arrogance, believe they are proceeding toward higher consciousness while totally denying its reality or their own possibilities of experiencing it. Further, these confused doubters seem, additionally, to put on blinders and develop an unwillingness that any of their faculties become more sensitive, more aware.

Keep in mind, however, while there are many...
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