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Spiritual Declarations

    "I love you.
    "I love you without limits or conditions.
    "I am your friend.
    "I am your companion throughout life.
    "I'm on your side.
    "I will always strive to make your life more beautiful and pleasing.
    "I think of you with good will and appreciation every day.
    "Each day I think well of you and speak well of you.
    "I pray for your happiness and well being often.
    "I am on your side in all the good you are doing.
    "I adore your soul and your good qualities.

    "I will help you whenever you want help and when life is difficult or challenging.
    "I will help you in your devotion to God.
    "I will help you find time, freedom, and opportunity to grow spiritually.
    "I will always share my soul's love, kindness, and wisdom with you.
    "My beloved, may your life be filled with joy.
    "May your heart be full.
    "May your mind know deep peace and profound faith.
    "Before God, I rededicate myself to you. I dedicate myself to your soul and the love and ideals we share.
    "I am grateful to God that I am your beloved.
    "I pray that I may always take your hand when you reach out to me. May I always be your true spiritual partner."

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