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Many quitters of this great highway to fulfillment refuse to doubt. They are striving to escape into a new frontier of life. They refuse to entertain doubt because of their desperation for success and acceptance in a new area. They deny their doubt or drown out their doubt by various means, including a form of unrealistic romanticism. They are too busy having fun to think. Then, several months, or perhaps even years, down the road some shattering doubt which they cannot ignore rises up before them and confronts them in such a powerful manner they fear they cannot escape it. A significant crisis shakes them becausea swimmer struggling with a life vest all the ignored doubts, all the old apprehensions and mental quibbles, as well as perhaps significant unanswered questions, pour into the awareness of the once-carefree traveler.

In not having prepared for a doubt crisis, in fact, in storing up doubts while at the same time not developing the strength and the sharp mind needed for formulating and understanding new concepts, this poor, unrealistic, and generally immature seeker bites the dust. He leaves in an emotional rage, or his behavior becomes bizarre, totally inappropriate to those who have been sincerely sharing in the journey with him.

Doubts must be faced, not...

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