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Unspeakable Exaltation
In this rare, expanded view you see the underlying unity of life. You realize that, in good will, your individual life is but a part of this universal life. You have become capable of experiencing not only your individual life but the universal life. You can deeply experience the source of life, the empowering consciousness which enables every living thing to breathe and move, which empowers thought and feeling.

In your expanded good will you have temporarily untied the limiting knot of personal ego sense. No longer confined to your body's small dimensions, you have discovered your universal sense of self. This experience is beyond description, so humbling and so moving that you walk the earth forever changed.

After returning to individual consciousness you remember. You remember that the life force and energy expressing in another person's conversation or any activity is something which comes from a source all people share. That energy, that world out there, is an expression of the same living power which is sustaining each pulsation of your heart. Good will has become universal sympathy and universal sympathy has become the unspeakable exaltation of knowing the Universal Self. 

After your experience of the Universal Self, your eyes...

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