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Let Your Good Will Expand
To discover this next level of your higher consciousness, proceed into meditation as you did in the previous chapter. Stretch. Sit comfortably. Take a few deep breaths. Increase your consciousness of good will. Then direct your good will into your meditation object. As your good will becomes a continual flow, calmly view or hold the thought of your meditation object. Witness the object until the surge of good will overcomes all other thoughts and feelings.

When you enter Good Will Witness awareness, enjoy it. But be open to something greater, a new dimension may be experienced. You can't force yourself into the next level of awareness, but you can lovingly cooperate with it. Don't let your mind go blank. Stay alert and let your good will swell. Be very conscious of good will, not vacant minded. As best you can, let your good will now expand in all directions. No longer focus on your meditation object, unless, as in some cases, the object begins to expand (in your mind's eye).

As you maintain the Good Will Witness consciousness, you can, through development, feel so much good will that your ego sense gives up its limitations!

Suddenly, in a mellow way, before you notice it and...

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