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And Then There's Faith
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Accept This Great Gift
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Developing Faith
Don't Veer Off
Recognizing Companions
Subtle Companions
Solitary Study
Avoid Fantasies
Don't Fall Into the Trap
Instead of Fantasizing

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Faith is not essential to your quest. However, nothing is more helpful. Perhaps you are an inveterate doubter and will have to be shown the attributes of your higher consciousness before you will believe it exists. You will, nevertheless, succeed if you are sincere and open to the possibilities of higher consciousness. If you prejudge or have already decided that there is no such thing, then you will fail. But in being more like a scientist, with sincere curiosity and experiment, you can gain enough experience in the long run to overcome your lack of faith.

A sincere person will define the limits of his intellect within a day or two. He will also acknowledge there must be a phenomenally brilliant and potent consciousness which enables his body to function. There is genius at work in his heartbeat, and in the communication system via the nerves throughout the body. A sincere seeker will readily humble himself before the facts of his own existence: at times he becomes mute or dances for joy as he contemplates the marvels of the external world and its galaxy-filled sky.

Faith is the remarkable human faculty of being...

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