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Exercises for Fulfillment
#1 - Mother or Father
Each Key Person
#2 - Companions
Whom You Admire
#3 - Your Mate
Your Fellow Traveler
How To Do It
Say to Your Beloved
Saying Continues
#4 - Spiritual Companion
Spiritual Declarations

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Most likely, the companionship of parents, other relatives, teachers, and old friends have significantly shaped your thoughts and feelings. Also, the examples and inputs of these key people are probably motivating your way of dealing with life — your drive toward success or failure.

GrahamYou can benefit from the positive help of your key people and leave the bad behind now. Take five or ten quiet, pleasant minutes regularly and get to know the influences inside you. Simply, review the nature of all the key people in your life — slowly, one at a time.

Let us now proceed to the Four Exercises for Fulfillment. Start with the first Exercise — Understanding Your Mother or Father.

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