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A Habit of Good Will
Further, the good will you are practicing in your daily life makes it easier to relate well with other people and, happily, it's easier to sit down and meditate. Hopefully, you have a habit of good will and whenever you sit to meditate you feel a strong surge of good will flowing from you into the meditation object. Keep in mind that if you're not able to sense a definite flow of good will each day, something is definitely amiss. A review of all previous chapters, ideally along with the contact of a qualified and enlightened teacher, is most decidedly indicated. (Again, an enlightened teacher is one who can consciously contact higher consciousness at will; or even better lives in higher consciousness, and/or lives continually conscious of the presence of God.)

Concerning your next stage of development — the Universal Self — have you noticed that your good will makes you more sensitive to others? You become more capable of knowing what other people are thinking and feeling as your good will develops your nature. Your good will holds so much appreciation for others that you become a conscious sharer in life with one and all.

The lives of others are always...

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