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Your Insight Exercise
At least once a week take fifteen minutes to sit quietly and examine your thoughts and feelings for doubts. Be physically relaxed but mentally alert. Allow your doubts and emotional frustrations to reveal themselves. You may wish to start this insight exercise by first directing your good will outward to your world and then inward to yourself. Then, say aloud, with feeling, something like this:

"I will face my doubts. I will learn and grow from them. When I find myself uncertain or wavering in opinion, I will seek greater understanding and attunement. Where appropriate I will seek expert advice and take the help of inspirational scriptures. Whatever my doubt, I will consider it openly and earnestly, directing my mind and heart toward a lasting solution and life-changing insight. I now invite my consciousness to reveal any doubts or emotional resistance I may be harboring. I will examine each doubt thoroughly, thoughtfully, and maturely."

Then, pay kind attention to those doubts which float into your sincere, confident view.

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