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Keep Going
a road into the hillsWhen in doubt, go forward!
The answers to your deepest questions will be solved if you're willing to maintain your momentum and keep going. The highway to higher consciousness is regularly jammed by those who stop everything when they have a doubt. Those who are always stopping have to start all over again. Frequent doubters, they regularly sputter to a halt. After considering the alternatives of not seeking higher consciousness and noting how empty other attitudes of life seem, they lurch ahead once again.

People who are always stopping and starting do not go very far. There are some who claim to have been seeking higher consciousness for years but, in fact, they have barely started. They stopped so many times, they thoroughly destroyed any aspiration and devotion which they were developing. They have, in fact, scarcely begun. They have not been "at it" for years, they only think they have. In reality, they have been proceeding toward fulfillment for only days perhaps minutes when you consider the actual amount of their forward-moving thoughts and attitudes.

It's possible to be a stopper for a...

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