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riding a fast bikeTremendous Momentum
Often, beginning seekers assume that all other happy people on the path of higher consciousness are filled with faith while they (the beginners) find very little faith or conviction inside their own hearts and minds.

It's common to assume everyone else has the faith but you are going to have to "tough it" through. At the same time, the other people who are traveling with you on your journey of higher consciousness likely have the opposite opinion. They may feel, looking at your face brimming with joy, that you have extraordinary faith and they should be more like you. They may be trying to emulate your faith!

When you have faith you not only think higher consciousness might be a reality, you are so convinced you make every possible effort toward higher consciousness — short of any self-destructive strain or stress. Faith implies action with continuity. Once you have faith you won't stop now and then, feeling everything's in vain — as the more scientific or doubtful seekers tend to do through regular rest stops along the way. You will, because of your hopefully well-placed trust, have tremendous momentum. You will be able to deal with your doubts and quibbles while maintaining good speed in your quest toward greater consciousness.

Sympathize with those who do not have...

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