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Your Deepest Needs
But! — perhaps the economy declines. You lose your job and perhaps the means to pay your rent or keep your car. Or, people who used to make you happy have their own problems now and somehow they're not such fun to be with anymore. Or, perhaps you were playing a sport that gave you a lot of satisfaction and adulation. Suddenly something went wrong. You broke your arm, your hip. Not only do you have lots of pain, but your need for enjoyment of that sport is not capable of being satisfied. Especially is it true that your world changes with the death of a beloved one. You realize how much of your sense of fulfillment depends on the give and take of a love relationship. Now he or she is gone. Grief in its many forms sets in.

When your world changes, a specialized form of doubt usually occurs. When something you were expecting from others or from the world is suddenly denied, you will tend to feel frustration and go through a period of grief. These unfortunate shocks in life create an accompanying major problem as well:

You doubt the ability

of the world or anyone

to satisfy your deepest needs.

When your world shocks you into...
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