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Recognizing True Companions

By their fruit you will know them. While praying daily to the Lord of your heart for true fellowship, lovingly study the candidates who come your way. Appreciate and consider:


Are they filled with good will?
2 Are they free of narrow-mindedness?
3 Do they have a universal attitude — being concerned about all people?
4 Do they regard all the main paths of the world with reverence and appreciation? And at the same time, have they been particularly true to the path which they selected and which they practice?
5 Do they respect your path and goals?
6 Are they clear-minded?
7 Are their emotions pleasant and balanced?
8 Are they devoted?
9 Do they practice what they speak about and what they advocate? Regularly?
10 Do they have sound insight, inner security, concern for the suffering and difficulties of others?
11 Do they remain humble as they learn about truth, or do they become pompous?
12 Do they remain true to the path, despite their failings and occasional inadequacies?
13 Do your prospective companions express peace and joy? Do they seem to be filled with peace and joy? Filled to overflowing?
14 Is it pleasant for your heart and mind to be near them?
15 Do they, with love, point out errors and misconceptions which could cause your downfall?
16 Do they demonstrate, in their prayer life or in their well-chosen words, an inner power which alleviates suffering and improves circumstances?

Study this list and apply it to yourself as well. For what you expect in a friend, you should demonstrate as well. Fellowship with such noble companions is high among the greatest privileges in the world. In their presence, in the loving, enthusiastic, and sometimes painfully honest fellowship of these good people, faith is sparked and blown into flame.

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