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Resolve Your Doubt
Keep in mind, however, while there are many self-stopped seekers, generally the most successful people on the paths of enlightenment are those who doubt most sincerely. They are motivated to go forward in an effort to solve their doubts through verifiable experience.

a road through the mountainsRemember also, it is good to doubt early on your path. Naive acceptance doesn't do anyone a favor. Naivete is a form of ignorance, a form of stupidity, which eliminates a maturing process which is so necessary. Early in your journey develop the habit of paying attention to your doubts, whether they are mental, emotional, or intuitional. Face them. While maintaining your forward momentum, give them a chance to be resolved through your experience and your research. Be honest with them. Your doubts may well be genuine concerns from deep within you.

Your doubts may be your greatest assets along with your aspiration and sincerity. If you face your doubts and deal with them constructively, you will see the glowing dawn of superconsciousness soon.

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