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Stopping and Starting
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Sincere Doubt
Doubting Thomas
Keep Going
Let Go of the Brake
Be More Conscious!
Resolve Your Doubt
Your Insight Exercise

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If you're always  

stopping and starting,  

you don't go very far.   

As you proceed toward higher consciousness you will very likely have periods of doubt. Doubt can be a good sign or it can be very bad, depending on how you deal with the consequences of your doubt. Certainly the road to higher consciousness is no place for the naive.

An observant and discriminating mind is not only helpful, it's essential. Otherwise, you'll believe anything! You will misinterpret your experiences and make so many mistakes that you'll become extremely confused and turn your life off into some trip of fantasy, complete with super-high beings and also a goodly number of hobgoblins.

So, just what is "doubt"?...


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