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Subtle Companionship
Companions are not always people.

There is subtle companionship too. When you sit alone, there is quite a conversation going on, isn't there? Your thoughts and feelings are your companions too; and they are also, usually, stronger than will power. If your thoughts are happy, uplifting, you will be influenced to a happier, more beneficial life.

Similarly with your emotions. If your feelings are pleasant or joyous, your sense of well being will be exhilarating and resilient. Companionship with fear or anger, however, will often make you feel less capable and sap your motivation for fulfillment. Negative moods like jealousy, fear, or anger can easily dominate your will and your outlook on life, too.

A sad heart can color all your activities with a sense of futility and limitation. Likely your mood of sorrow will pervade your activities and conversations with people until you're known as an unpleasant person to be with. Further, when you're alone, you don't enjoy being with yourself either.

Even if your negative thoughts and feelings have a...

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