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A Thoughtful Person Opens the Door
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Good Will
Wishing Others the Very Best
Do You Have Good Will for Others?
A Steady Flow
Appreciation is Key
Are You Ready?

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In being a true friend you become a thoughtful person. As a thoughtful person you become able to meditate — to center in your true self and realize your ideals. Two splendid states of higher consciousness open before you as a result of thoughtful meditations.

Each of these states will render you greater value than can ever be estimated. These two thrilling stages of awareness are the two major entrances to higher consciousness. You will find it impossible to achieve these two states without being a thoughtful person or a fit companion. These two states have different names in different disciplines but we will call them: 1) The Good Will Witness, and 2) The Universal Self.

The thoughtful person does not strive to...


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