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trapped under a tarp in the rainDon't Fall Into the Trap
Because of the possibilities of self-delusion, it's very important to strive to have companionship with awakened teachers. Study with them. Heed their instructions and cautions attentively. Practice the techniques they suggest, exactly and with the right spirit. Value your teachers. As well, keep good mental/emotional companions inside. Nourish your well being with constructive success-directed thoughts and feelings. Higher consciousness is not a path of "Let's pretend." Faith is rooted in the certainty of a clearer and more perfect perception of reality.

In particular, avoid fantasies. When you're daydreaming about your romantic quest of higher consciousness, strive to recognize you are in fact fantasizing and that the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing may or may not be true. You might also ask yourself why you are having recurrent fantasies and, since fantasies are often a reflection of inner pressures, you might ask why your fantasies tend to have a particular quality or theme. Very often, too, a fantasy reveals a need or yearning within you which is not being faced and satisfied in real life.

Instead of fantasizing, dear seeker...



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