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The Universal Self
the earth from space
A Habit of Good Will
Profound Interrealationsips
Let Your Good Will Expand
You Are a Part of All Living Things
Unspeakable Exaltation
All Lives Are Precious to You

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That's not all. As your good will matures you're enabled to experience something even more fantastic. This next stage is not for beginners. You need to experience the buddhi, the Good Will Witness aspect of higher consciousness regularly first. On the other hand, awareness of the Universal Self is a natural consequence of the development of your good will and thoughtfulness.

If you've practiced daily meditation for several weeks, perhaps you've noticed an extraordinary relationship between your good meditations and the improvement of your life and activities in the outer world. Likely, various inner resources are becoming available to you — greater persistence, concentration, clarity, peace of mind, and understanding.

Further, the good will you are practicing in your... 

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