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The Good Will Witness
A Few Cautions
Selecting Your Object
Choose a Pleasing Object
Form or Formless
Starting Your Meditation
Direct Your Good Will
The Portal
Life-Enriching Insights
Meditate, Don't Reflect
Beyond Thought
How Long Should You Meditate at First?

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Welcome to the doorway of Higher Consciousness!

While higher consciousness is occasionally approached in a way which bypasses the Good Will Witness stage, over ninety percent of seekers first enter higher consciousness through this natural maturation, this exaltation of their good will.

GrahamYou may wish to study this chapter and its method, pausing in your reading of the rest of this website until you've had several opportunities to practice the Good Will Witness. Please keep in mind as you develop this technique that no website can replace a qualified teacher and that you should only proceed, with any technique in YogaWorld, as far as comfort allows.

If you ever become... 

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