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Matthew 6:22 of the King James version of The Holy Bible. Raja Yoga Meditation
According to W. Y. Evans-Wentz, in Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, Oxford University Press, London, 1958, page 125: "Aum is the symbol for the spiritual power of the Buddha" and Hum is "the symbol of the embodiment of the life-force of Divine Beings..." and "is to be visualized as being the life-force of the Buddha Gautama." A Background on Mantrams
Or, more fully, "Lead me from attachment to the unreal into the Real." A Background on Mantrams
Mantrams are words or syllables which, when chanted properly, lift you from normal awareness into higher consciousness. Doing Your Part
By enlightened we mean those who have not only contacted higher consciousness but have been transformed by it and live in it. Saints who live continually conscious of God's presence are defined as enlightened. To Have a Friend, Be a Friend
For example, Cosmic Consciousness by Dr. Maurice Bucke. To Have a Friend, Be a Friend
While some systems of thought view the subconscious and higher consciousness as the same thing, most masters and teachers of higher consciousness define the subconscious as that part of your mind where your personal mental and emotional experiences are stored. Obstacles to Meditation
It should be noted that these Radha terms are used other ways in many fields of yoga and Eastern thought. These three Radha terms are being used in a special sense to meet specific definitions within Sri Ramakrishna’s concepts. Kama Radha Relationship
Some religious sects and philosophies feel differently. They hold that God is the only reality and since God has created man out of himself, man is God. Further, they maintain man will only overcome or shed his problems when he realizes his divine nature. Nitya Lila Relationship
In respect, I will observe the tradition of capitalizing Master and Guru throughout this Master and Initiate section. Keep an Eye Out for the Master
In Islam, these stations are known as maqamat and ahwal, which develop into states of deep surrender of both ego and selfishness called fana and baqa. Enlightened People of Islam
Kathopanishad, translated by Swami Sarvananda (Madras, India: Sri Ramakrishna Math, 1973), page viii. May He Protect Us Both
Most of this website is based on Graham Ledgerwood's book, KEYS TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. Please feel free to peruse this vast treasure trove. And, if you feel so inspired, you can order online and receive your own copy of the entire book. Tour Through KEYS Part 1
Sri Ramakrishna was a great East Indian master who lived from 1836 to 1886. Tour Through KEYS Part 3
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