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A number of honors and recognitions have been bestowed on Graham. In 1971 the great Yoga Master, Baba Hari Dass, found and declared that Graham was a Sat Guru (a spiritual "dispeller of darkness") and that Graham should share spiritual truth with humanity through teaching and writing.

In 1974, Sri Surath of Calcutta, India further initiated Graham as a Guru and teacher of many spiritual paths. Sri Surath also conveyed on Graham the high honor of spirituality, naming him Ramakrishna Ananda, after the great Avatar and Eastern mystic of the 19th century, Sri Ramakrishna.

Then, in 1976 and 1977, Sri Paramananda Nath and Sri Surath found that Graham had become a Master and, in recognition, initiated Graham as an Avadhut, which signifies a spiritual Master, literally "one who lives in Spirit."

Graham has also received a number of other titles and honors, including illuminatus and maharaj, indicating a realized mystic. But Graham prefers to be regarded as a fellow student and brother mystic.

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