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Graham has written KEYS TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, an inspiring book about spiritual awakening. Also, he's written a number of plays about great mystics, saints, and other historical figures — Vincent de Paul, Teresa of Avila, Abelard and Heloise, William Tyndale, Sri Ramakrishna, Frederick the Great, Augustus Caesar, and Benjamin Franklin.

In July 1995 he left full-time teaching to focus on writing and meditation. And, in October 1998 he launched Mysteries.Net — a comprehensive website which reveals the revered mystical principles and techniques of east and west.

In March 1999 he launched his second website, Yogaworld, which you are now enjoying.

In March 2000 he launched Spiritual World, a site with dialogue with holy people of different paths.

And, in March 2001 he launched The Mystic which offers 32 Life Lessons in higher consciousness.


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