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Kriya Yoga
Classically, kriya yoga is a blend of raja, jnana, and bhakti practices. The word kriya means "to do, to make an effort," or "to transform."

One of the main ways that kriya is practiced is a daily program of self-discipline of mind and body, introspection, and devotion to God.

yellow flowersAnother way that kriya yoga is practiced in the world today is in directing life force to move up and down the spine, transforming the meditator’s state of being until spiritual realization occurs. This technique is usually conveyed privately through initiation from a Guru or longtime practitioner of this method.

Both forms of kriya are deeply related and very ancient — well over five thousand years old and probably much older. Several million people practice both forms of kriya yoga throughout the world today. (You are welcome to learn more in the Three Amazing Techniques.)

How do most yoga devotees begin their Paths?

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