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What the mantram does next
At this point of effortless mental chanting the mantram can do two things:


It may dissolve into superconsciousness, or


It may first help ventilate the subconscious mind, the storage house of your old thoughts, feelings, and memories which have been sadly neglected or not successfully dealt with.

red and yellow flowerThe mantram may create an opportunity for old thoughts and feelings, old fears and guilts, to be released, or healed, or let go.

What happens next? If your mental chanting first becomes effortless and ventilates the subconscious pressures, it then moves into your superconscious self. Or, the effortless chanting bypasses the subconscious basement of your mind, going directly into sublime superconsciousness. Either way, you arrive in your ecstatic, heavenly nature. The words of the mantram fall apart and fall away. Only the energy surge of the mantram remains as your awareness becomes blissful and full of light.

In this ecstatic stage of continuous rapture...

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