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Enlightened People In Christianity
Spiritual Masters are common in Christianity as well. Christ, in addition to being the redeemer of humanity, functioned also as Guru; He awakened his disciples and others to God’s glory. Study of his life and relationships with his disciples will give you much help if you are seeking to understand the nature of the transference of higher consciousness and the awareness of God. It’s extremely beneficial to study the Gospel of John in this light.

Detailed study of many Catholic saints such as Vincent de Paul is also very helpful in becoming familiar with this phenomenon of "awakening" in the field of higher consciousness. Vincent de Paul became one of the greatest human beings ever to walk the earth. A priest who had been through many heroic experiences, he had been much honored, even in Rome; he appeared a man of God — "doing the right things," living in a way appropriate to a priest. He, however, really beheld huge obstacles within his own mind and heart.

Vincent observed his life did not fully accept or reflect the presence of the Lord. Over the years he observed a priest named Father Berulle who showed every evidence of being deeply intimate with Christ. The life of Father Berulle was an inspiration. One day Vincent beseeched Father Berulle to become his, Vincent’s, personal spiritual guide. He said he recognized Jesus Christ expressing and moving in the good priest’s life, thoughts, and words. Vincent, after pressing his request with intensity, was accepted by the humble Father Berulle. Vincent pledged himself in complete obedience to the senior priest. He pledged to do whatever Father Berulle would ask of him, knowing that Father Berulle’s instructions would be as Christ would give them and would be very specific in terms of Vincent’s daily walk with God.

Vincent then lived for years doing exactly what...

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