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2  You Must Desire That Above All Else
God Come First In Your Life
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What is the way out? How can you make the most of your fleet years? Desire God above all else — and be constant in that one desire. In this fixity of purpose, goodness will fill your life. In becoming fulfilled in your most central desire, many other important desires are often satisfied as well. Above all, if you do not put God and higher consciousness first, you will never be able to find them.

In entering the Master/Initiate relationship, fully understand that your main desire must be God. Be so dedicated you will never divert your mind and heart until God is truly established throughout your life as the Lord of all. (It should be noted here that the word "Lord" is not meant to limit those who seek to realize the Absolute or Nirvana. In this case, the seeker agrees that the Absolute, or Nirvana, gets the most priority and this focus is discussed with the Master.)

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