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Enlightened People In Islam
Similarly, Islam has a tradition of revering true teachers who practice what they preach and live in personal piety, a personal awareness of God. The highest example of such a one is the Prophet Mohammed himself. Muslims, the believers of Islam, revere the Prophet Mohammed’s 100,000 followers who are called his "companions." The companions of Mohammed went out from him and circles of followers gathered around many of these companions of Mohammed. The followers of the companions were called tabi’is.

During the time of the tabi’is, according to Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, director of the Islamic Society of Orange County in California, a special movement started in the Islamic work, a mystical movement called Sufism. Deeply pious men and women within Sufism became known as Masters, or teachers. These Masters attracted a large number of followers. So, around each Master developed a circle of followers called a halaba.

Seekers of greater surrender to the Lord come to these Sufi Masters, usually seated in the mosques, and ask a particular Master questions or listen to spiritual teachings — how to develop themselves spiritually, how to create sincerity in their faith, how to improve their awareness of God — and the Master shows them what steps to take in their personal development. These Masters also help guide the sincere believers through certain states of higher consciousness and stations of higher awareness. **

As in several other traditions, Islam emphasizes that the Masters and even Prophet Mohammed are not divine but reflect the divine presence.

Spiritual Masters are common in Christianity as well...

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