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A Sat Guru

The Sat Guru is the man or woman of God, an instrument of the Lord, who will quicken the enlightening process. He or she enables you, the seeker, to overcome your ego and delusion — not only gaining realization of higher consciousness but enabling you to live in higher consciousness.

Your Master’s mission is to transform you into a realized being who stays that way. Since higher consciousness often comes and goes at first, the kind Master, the Sat Guru, will work with you until you are so fulfilled you will not go backward. In fact, the Master’s work in establishing you in higher consciousness is, in many ways, more important than the initial great awakening. Just as the birth of a child is very important, the continuing life of that child is extremely important too; so the Master is particularly concerned that you not only awaken but stay awake in higher consciousness.

Your good Master is primarily a...

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