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Vincent de Paul and Father Berulle
Vincent then lived for years doing exactly what Father Berulle told him to do — at least almost always. He did the work Father Berulle told him to do: he became parish priest at Clichy, and undertook other missions as instructed by Father Berulle. He conducted his daily life as Father Berulle instructed. He disciplined his thoughts and also studied as directed by Father Berulle.

Though Vincent became more and more widely known for his holiness, he disobeyed Father Berulle on one occasion and ran away. Vincent felt pride taking over his nature. He fled to the humble church at Chatillon to serve the poor parishioners there, rather than the prominent aristocrats who loved him so. But Father Berulle instructed Vincent to return to his duties after several months and Vincent willingly did so.

Jesus ChristVincent, with the help of his spiritual mentor, his dear "Guru," overcame his obstacles to the life of Christ. The presence of Christ infilled him and abided within him constantly. In the light of Christ, knowing that his resurrected light was now freely moving through him, Vincent lived a life of extraordinary service and achievement. Because he was also very brilliant, he was able to help millions of people. He saved — physically saved — tens of thousands of lives during the Thirty Year’s War. He also rescued many abandoned babies from church steps and garbage heaps.

At the stage where the spirit of Christ constantly...

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