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5  Readiness to Abide in the Consciousness of the Master

The Master/Initiate relationship, as we have said, is primarily a spiritual relationship. While it is desirable to be in the physical presence of your Master whenever you can, his physical presence will not replace the more important factor: living day in, day out, sensing the presence of the spirit, consciousness, love, and blessings of your Master.

at the lakesideIn considering your qualifications for higher consciousness, the Master needs to see indications you will remain in attunement with him wherever you happen to be. Over the years it may not be possible — due to your schedule or his — for you to be physically in his presence every week. Some Masters have to do much traveling or observe long periods of solitude. Nevertheless, the Master/Initiate relationship needs to be maintained so well that it grows and grows. Your part is done primarily through keeping the Master in your thoughts, sensing his love and guidance in your heart. You must be willing and able to do this however far away you may be from him physically. Wherever you go and whatever your activities in life, you feel your Master is there beside you or within you. You live in the progressive sense of the nearness of your Master.

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