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The Master Accepts You

In addition to performing your task, your cheerfulness, common sense, and attitude are studied by the Master. As you do your part faithfully and competently, the Master is pleased to go to the Lord prayerfully in your behalf.

a pink flowerWhen all continues well with you for a time, the Master will accept you as his own dear devotee. He accepts you unconditionally and forever — beyond time. Your period of asking is fulfilled. It’s a wondrous day for Initiate and Master.

Your beloved Master then states a specific, auspicious time when he will initiate you. The devotee is initiated personally, in almost every case.

During your period of asking, and between the time of acceptance and initiation, the Master studies you further. He determines and selects the best possible spiritual practices for your needs and your nature. He chooses practices which will most felicitously speed you toward higher consciousness and God-realization.

On a special morning or evening...

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