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With Right Tendencies and Aspirations
Development under the instructions and with the blessings of a Guru inevitably reveals each devotee has some advantages over other seekers, and also some disadvantages. Often, former drug takers feel superior to those who have not chemically opened their minds. At the same time, the other devotees feel superior to these drug-burned men and women who "can’t possibly" find higher consciousness. The whole matter is essentially quite simple. With the right tendencies and aspirations bodies and minds can often heal to a considerable degree; and nothing on earth, or in your mind, can keep you from your Guru and your fulfillment.

The Guru considers each applicant with love. One day he is shocked to see how many initiates he has as they sit together on the beach. "Oh, Lord, what have we done?" he says in gratitude and he smiles.


Who is the friend of my soul? Am I?

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