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Seekers With Different Backgounds
People with this complex background comprise about forty percent of the people on the path to higher consciousness — a very substantial number. They have good hearts and are in many ways wonderful people. The state of many is a tragedy — perhaps a major tragedy of our time, ranking in scope with the losses of lives in World War II and other wars of the twentieth century.

Still, the few available Gurus will convey initiations to those who demonstrate persistent yearning and a willingness to do what the Guru recommends or even directs them to do. Many people alive today are considered high souls even if they have done considerable damage to their lives and nervous systems. Many have a predisposition to higher consciousness which makes them strongly motivated seekers.

Another group of aspirants. which comprises about forty to fifty percent of those who seek Gurus today, are "straight people." These people have developed socially, mentally, and emotionally. They can be any age. Somehow they have bypassed the rampage of self-destruction. They are capable of holding down a high-level job. They are more alert about others and actively strive to relate to reality as a way of life.

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