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Becoming Ready
Before forming such a bond, the Master and initiate want to be sure that they can be a team together. While it’s true that those who function as Upa-Gurus (spiritual guides who teach some aspect of higher consciousness rather than awaken one into spiritual realization) can give minor initiations quite liberally and casually without much contact with the initiate thereafter, this relationship is only a helpful phase in the aspirant’s life. Through the help of an Upa-Guru, the seeker grows into a ready and worthy candidate capable of entering into relationship with the Master. And now the initiate and Master need a period of time to get to know one another.

reaching for the stars

Because the Master/Initiate relationship is of a life or death importance spiritually, certain qualifications are usually required by the Master of the aspirant. Most Masters look for initiates who feel life is not worth living unless they can discover their true natures and go forward. Do you feel life would be an empty thing, a sham, a vanity, if you do not find its true meaning, or discover your true nature and potential?

Still, there are other significant qualifications...

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