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Dearest Brothers

At the stage where the spirit of Christ constantly abided in Vincent and his higher consciousness was consolidated, Father Berulle lovingly pronounced Vincent healed of the confusions of the world and ego. Father Berulle saw Vincent was free, truly free, and released Vincent from the vow of obedience to him. They continued as dearest brothers in the Lord for the rest of their lives.

There are dozens, and likely thousands, of examples of this Western tradition of the transference of higher consciousness from one who has been so awakened to another who yearns and has prepared himself for that awakening. Protestant ministers have often spoken of meeting a great man of God to whom they turn for teaching and correction. They speak in strangely Eastern terms of wishing to bow down before the Christ in a great brother or sister. They deeply value the laying on of hands from Christian brothers or sisters. Being called to serve the Lord, they seek to be more and more Christlike shepherds of their congregations.

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