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You Should Deeply Consider

Still, there are other significant qualifications. In order to meet the vital qualifications, you must prepare yourself. At the same time you prepare, you should deeply consider whether you trust your prospective Master. Is he or she truly qualified to serve as the Lord’s instrument and awaken you? Consider well, because you will need to enter the relationship with full faith — and maintain full faith. Without faith, or a sincere willingness to seek faith, you will fail. Failing in faith, you will in time feel the higher part of yourself is dead.

While considering a Guru, you should study with him if you can. You should observe him in his manner of thinking, feeling, and acting. You should determine, to your satisfaction, that the Master is living in God-consciousness, that he is a lover of God and such a deep experiencer of God that God can use him for his high Sat Guru purpose.

You, a prospective initiate, should keep in mind that...

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