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So Few Genuinely Earnest Seekers
But another factor in the modern world makes matters challenging for both Gurus and bona fide seekers today. There are so few able and genuinely earnest seekers of higher consciousness. Many of those who seek Gurus merely have the desire to escape from the problems of life. They are also extremely reluctant to behold their own character flaws and mistakes from the past. They often prove defiant and unwilling to change their old tendencies into new ones.

Many seeking the Guru today have slept through high school. They have also burned up many precious brain cells through the use of drugs. These cells are particularly important to the awakening process. Many candidates’ nervous systems have been hurt badly. Often their memory is poor, their ability to think clearly, or reason, is gone. And social skills — the abilities to relate to others — are minimal or even aberrational. Often the candidate today has not been true to anything for more than a year, moving from one interest or fascination to another, leaving behind a trail of unused dreams.

While some heavy drug users, past and present, are doing exceptional humanitarian service or are millionaires running some very successful businesses, many former drug explorers have extreme difficulty in getting and maintaining a job. Often they forget important functions and endanger their employer or fellow workers so much that they are let go again and again. They then rationalize there is something wrong with society and they yearn to live in another world.

People with this complex background comprise about...

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