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Eternal Friendship

Summing up, when you enter into the Master/Initiate relationship and receive initiation, you agree to be true for life. You agree to be faithful until the day your Master — in person, not in psychic or astral form, or through automatic writing, or from an itinerant teacher of a psycho-mystical fad or other path — pronounces you consolidated in your enlightenment.

On that greatest of days your Master is most deeply pleased and honored to be present for your spiritual graduation. You will transcend the Master/Initiate relationship. In your new freedom, established in higher consciousness, the requirement of your obedience is released — it being no longer necessary, since your life is now constantly attuned with the higher will. Your Master is released from his service to you. Fulfilled in your quest, you and your dear companion enter into eternal friendship.


Love is Self-Giving.


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