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Keep an Eye Out for the Master
Why Can't Your Higher Consciousness Alone Be Your Guru?
What Does Guru Mean?
People of Cosmic Consiousness
In Judaism
In Islam
In Christianity
Vincent & Father Berulle
Dearest Brothers

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What if You Seem Unable to Find Your Guru?

seeking the skyDon’t be discouraged if the years pass by and you can’t find that incomparable awakener of higher consciousness, that merciful man or woman. It’s very important you never give up in the quest for your compassionate personal guide.

Also, your own higher consciousness will stand as your Master and uplift you day by day until you find your true Guru. ** Then, too, it’s possible for you to experience higher consciousness without personal training from a living Master — possible but vastly more difficult.

Why can't your higher consciousness alone be your Guru?...

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