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Beware of the False Guru
While Masters have many problems with devotees, the true initiate must beware of the "false Guru." These pretenders sometimes enjoy self-importance and power. In an arrogant state, they lose whatever attunement they had with God. They are incapable of being the Lord’s instrument of awakening. The bridge along the path to higher consciousness stinks with the lives of treacherous initiates and false Masters.

Keep in mind that a true Master is one who is consolidated in the higher consciousness and who, by definition, does not fall. Sometimes, however, a very advanced person who is not yet qualified to be a Master may be commissioned by God to act temporarily as a teacher in some ways, preparing his junior brother or sister for the true Master yet to come. This guidance from an advanced and true devotee is not uncommon because there are so few true Masters in the world today.

Looking generally at spiritual and religious communities, one is often saddened by the intensity of the hatred and cruelty practiced in the name of love and obedience to God. The Master/Initiate relationship, therefore, absolutely requires the good will, respect and obedience of the initiate. The relationship also requires that the Master be a truly enlightened and constant instrument of the Lord.

Before forming such a bond, the Master and initiate want...

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