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Character Flaws
a big bad wolfWhen you, the initiate, do not deal with your negative emotions in a positive way — yearning for growth and trusting in the goodness and the guidance of your Master — then the teamwork can (and does) break down. The all-important project will not succeed until you begin to deal with your character flaws.

The Master — assuming we are speaking of a true Master — never hates the devotee, no matter how cruel or evil a failed devotee may become in this lifetime. The Master has already found what he wants. He already knows the Lord of his heart, he already abides in higher consciousness. It’s only out of love, compassion, and a commission from the Lord that the Master is willing to be part of the team.

So, because of the immaturity of the initiate, who does not persistently face and strive to overcome negative tendencies, the team may become divided. The initiate may become antagonistic to the Master who was so much love’s fool he accepted that devotee.

To the initiate who is not willing to...

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