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a deeply thankful womanMost Fortunate
No one on earth is as fortunate as the initiate of a true Master, a Sat Guru. With devotion and persistence, you will become more fulfilled than any human being can. To live without daily, deeply felt gratitude for the presence of your Master is sheer tragedy — and colossal loss.

Remember, most Masters do not accept many devotees. However, a few Masters initiate liberally, usually as they near the end of their lives. They pour out their love and life force, usually dying within a few years. They voluntarily undergo an astonishing depletion of their life energies. When his body no longer has enough life force to maintain itself and various diseases develop, the Master, lovingly, with a smile and benediction, departs his body. He remains an inspiration from heavenly realms but is profoundly missed by those who are not subtle enough to communicate with him.

Too, there are other classes of...

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