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Do You Have to Give Up the World
When You Find Your Guru?

It’s common for both single people and married people to receive initiation and realize higher consciousness in the manner most suitable to their nature.

Just as a few people in society wish to enter a monastery or convent, it is possible that some Gurus — certainly not all — will agree that some exceptional candidates, who want to renounce worldly life and surrender themselves with their goods, enter a monastic or convent facility. Approval of such a decision is rare, however. Most initiates strive to be better people while actively pursuing their careers in the world. Through planned morning and nightly meditations they — like a priest or nun — can develop the capability of realizing and sustaining higher consciousness or finding their personal relationships with God.

In a society which mocks most everything, it is perhaps healthy that the Guru/Initiate relationship be mocked too. At a time when the young naively and hysterically follow and idolize so many different entertainers, it may be useful that the naively inclined think twice — or ten, fifty, or a hundred times — before seeking a Guru. There are false Gurus who do not abide in higher consciousness and who are not capable of transmitting it, nor of consolidating it within the devotee. And these men and women, too, are usually unscrupulous as well. You should be alert and not treat the matter frivolously or commit yourself for emotional reasons only.

Nevertheless, when both parties — the Guru and the...

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