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6  Help Your Master Enthusiastically and Competently

Since the Master gives you something so utterly precious and indispensable to your fulfillment, naturally you respond to his love.

Will you love him deeply and try to assist him in his work, or in some other service he asks of you? While he freely gives his love, and will likely accept you even if you are emotionally crippled, he hopes you can love and give of yourself in time — for your own sake.

The path of higher consciousness itself requires that you grow in love and become a joyful, prosperous giver. A profound principle on the spiritual path is involved. Truly, unless an initiate is willing to give of himself and his resources, he (or she) has a hard heart and cannot receive much of anything. Even the sweetest love and the greatest blessings from the Master will have little impact on you if you are petty or lacking in generosity. Your eagerness to share usually involves voluntary contributions, however small, but also consists of contributions from your heart, contributions of your care and love. Throughout spiritual history, service to a Master usually includes physical work, a few days of labor each year, some wood chopping perhaps, helping with administration, or cooking for retreatants.

This giving of yourself must come from...

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