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6  Help Your Master Enthusiastically and Competently pg 2

This giving of yourself must come from your heart, through your love. If you don’t have the inspiration to serve in a helpful, attentive way, you are, without question, not ready for initiation and should wait until another time when you can see more deeply that spiritual giving is the basis of awakening and also the law of true prosperity.

a strong mountain streamHowever, even if you will likely gain substantial benefits through your service to the Master, your thought needs to be one of simply giving; you do not desire or require benefits or recompense in kind. The benefits you receive as you travel your road to higher consciousness will be spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and material in nature. Of course, you should be cautious — there are self-declared "masters" who want your money. Nevertheless, if you are a sincerely loving initiate of a true Master, you will readily find the benefits you receive far exceed any contribution or service you have given — or are capable of giving.

You will find, in your love, you can never outgive God or Master. It is literally impossible.

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