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The Indescribable Day

On a special morning or evening — but usually a morning — you, a newly-accepted initiate, shower thoroughly, dress in clean clothes, and come to your Master’s place. An initiate usually brings flowers, fruit, and an offering in an envelope. Oftentimes other recently-accepted candidates sit in the waiting room beaming and in moods of devotion. One by one each goes to the Master and is initiated.

When your name is called, you enter the room where your Master is seated. He or she tends to look extremely beautiful in the love of the Lord and you. And you tend to look already saintly due to your aspirations and good will.

Usually you bow before the Master as a symbol of your obedience and also your willingness to receive God’s love and grace through the Master into your life. You offer him your flowers, fruit, and the offering in the envelope which he either accepts into his hands or gestures that you should place in the basket nearby.

He asks you how you are. Then he repeats some questions he has asked earlier regarding your understanding of your new commitment and responsibilities. He asks these questions so you will, as you remember your initiation, recall the solemn promises and agreements you made on your initiation day — mainly to practice your techniques faithfully and be a loyal devotee. He gives you the opportunity to leave, if you wish to change your mind.

If you choose to go forward and...

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