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An Instrument
The Guru function is mainly a spiritual one. A true Guru never claims to own or originate the spirit of higher consciousness which hea violin conveys. He considers himself only an "instrument" of love and light. As his life has been immeasurably helped and uplifted by the Lord of his heart, he willingly conveys higher consciousness and awareness of the Lord to a worthy initiate.

While strange and bizarre events today are confusing the great beauty of this Guru/Chela relationship, and while sensational individuals who call themselves Gurus and Masters live in a hype similar to the Beatles’ invasion of America, the tradition, nevertheless, goes on. A few Gurus are still in the world today. There are so few, perhaps, because of a lack of interest. Many people are not desirous of improving their character. They don’t want to look at their problems, let alone correct them. But without becoming a worthy aspirant and truly being eager to overcome ego and other personal flaws, one cannot abide in the higher consciousness, and so one is not capable of becoming a Guru. Consequently, there are not many Gurus in the world today — that is, defining the Guru as one who has experienced higher consciousness himself, abides in it, and is willing and able to extend that awakening to qualified aspirants.

Moreover, there are problems in the tradition of Master and...

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